Windows Binaries
Choose an installer that matches the version of Python you will be using. If you are using a 64-bit version of Python then make sure you also get a 64-bit wxPython, otherwise choose a 32-bit installer even if you are on a 64-bit version of Windows. There is no longer a separate ansi and Unicode build, it's all Unicode now (although string objects passed to wx APIs will still be converted automatically if possible.)

wxPython3.0-win32-py26 32-bit Python 2.6
wxPython3.0-win64-py26 64-bit Python 2.6
wxPython3.0-win32-py27 32-bit Python 2.7
wxPython3.0-win64-py27 64-bit Python 2.7

wxPython Demo for Windows
This installer contains the infamous wxPython demo, other samples, and wxWidgets documentation.

Windows Development Files
These installers contain the wxWidgets headers, libraries and other files that might be needed if you want to build your own wx extension modules that link with the same version of the wxWidgets DLLs distributed with wxPython. It is essentially a snapshot of the source tree with wxWidgets pre-built.

Mac OSX Binaries
The wxPython binaries for OSX are mountable disk images. Simply double click to mount the image and then run the installer application in the image. Be sure to download the image that matches the version of Python that you want to use it with. The files with "carbon" in the name use the Carbon API for implementing the GUI, are compatible with PPC and i386 machines and will work on OSX 10.5 and onwards. The file with "cocoa" in the name use the Cocoa API for implementing the GUI, requires at least OSX 10.5, and supports either 32-bit or 64-bit architectures. If you would like to have both the Carbon and Cocoa versions installed you will need to do something like install the Carbon build for Python 2.6 and install the Cocoa build for Python 2.7.

wxPython demo for Mac OSX
These disk images contain the wxPython demo, the documentation, some other samples and some tools.

Linux Binaries
To get prebuilt binaries for Linux or other platforms, please search in your distro's package repository, or any 3rd party repositories that may be available to you. Ubuntu users can get information about the the wx APT repository here. If all else fails you can build wxPython yourself from the source code, see the next section.

Source Code and Other Tarballs
If you need to build wxPython yourself then you can do so with the first file in this list and using these build instructions.

The other files here are useful for learning how to use wxPython.

wxPython-src All of the wxWidgets and wxPython source code.
wxPython-docs The plain HTML files for the wxWidgets documentation
wxPython-demo The source code for the wxPython demo and other sample applications.