Welcome to the home of wxPython, a blending of the wxWidgets C++ class library with the Python programming language.


  • (28-Nov-2014) wxPython (classic) has been released. This build includes fixes for some annoying bugs, and also adds various improvements from wxWidgets. Please see the Recent Changes document for more details.
  • (10-Sept-2014) wxPython (classic) has been released. This build adds updates for some of the 3rd-party code that was missed in the last build.

  • (5-Sept-2014) wxPython (classic) has been released. (Finally! Sorry, life and work has kept me busy.) No new features but lots of bug fixes in wxWidgets.
  • (25-Dec-2013) wxPython (classic) has been released. No new features but lots of bug fixes in wxWidgets and of course the bump (finally!) up to 3.0.
  • (31-Aug-2013) wxPython (classic) has been released. This is another mostly bug fix release, both in wxWidgets and wxPython.
  • (23-July-2012) wxPython (classic) has been released. There have been a few enhancements and additions, and lots of bugs fixed.
  • (31-Dec-2011) Happy New Year! wxPython (classic) has been released. This release takes care of a few bugs discovered in the installers and documentation of the previous release, and a few other things.
  • (28-Dec-2011) wxPython (classic) has been released. Among other things, this build adds some classes produced by one of the Google Summer of Code projects, wx.html2.WebView and related classes. This gives wxPython the ability to embed a native HTML/CSS/JS renderer using the same API and events on all platforms.
  • (8-Sept-2011) Here we go again. wxPython has been released. This build fixes an indentation bug that crept in somewhere along the way and that caused the Mac installer to fail as it compiled the .py files

  • (8-Sept-2011) wxPython has been released. This release fixes a bug that was causing the base class methods of wx.richtext.RichTextCtrl to be called incorrectly, causing a crash.

wxPython in Action   wxPython in Action
by Noel Rappin and Robin Dunn

This is the first book about wxPython and offers a friendly tutorial to help you get started, a detailed guide to UI programming practices, and many samples of using wxPython to create and use user interface elements. It covers an impressive amount of information delivered at a measured pace, encouraging experimentation and learning by doing.

Available from: Manning, Amazon, and as an eBook.

wxPyCookbook-cover-large   wxPython 2.8 Application Development Cookbook
by Cody Precord

This book includes a wealth of information on wxPython, application design, and programming approaches. The content of this book is based around wxPython 2.8 but the ideas are applicable to 2.9 and forward as well. There are more than 80 practical recipes for developing feature-rich applications using wxPython, and plenty of example code to help you learn to quickly create robust, reliable, and reusable wxPython applications.

Available from: Packt Publishing, Amazon, and as an eBook.