Here is a screen shot of the "minimal" wxPython application:

Okay, so it is very minimal, but it is small enough that the source should be understandable without somebody holding your hand... Take a peek.

And this is an updated version of the previous program, that displays the size and position in controls rather than printing them. Also uses Dialog Units.

And here is the source.

Here's a shot of PyShell (a wxPython window running an interactive Python interpreter within it) showing that you can interactively create and manipulate objects. Also notice the terminal window in the background where I installed the RPM and launched pyshell. (Yes, that's all there is to it!)

This is the Unicode sample in the wxPython demo:

And here is a screenshot of the demo running on the Mac.

Here are some screen shots from Boa Constructor. Not only do they show off Boa, but they show many of the capabilities of wxPython since that is what Boa uses for its GUI.

Here are various screenshots of wxPython apps developed by some folks on the wxPython-users mail list. (NOTE: some images have been resized slightly.) If you have a screen shot you would like to see here then just send it my way.

And finally, here are some links to screenshots of wxPython apps out in the wild web:

The old Screen shots are still available too.