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Name Derived From Description
wxAcceleratorTable wxObject Maps accelerator keys to commands. An accelerator table can be applied to a frame.
wxActivateEvent wxEvent Represents the event class for a window activate event (selection or deselection by the user)
wxApp wxObject Represents the application
wxArray - Dynamic array class plus macros for specifying type-safe arrays
wxArrayString - wxArrayString is an efficient container for storing wxString objects
wxAutomationObject wxObject The wxAutomationObject class represents an OLE automation object containing a single data member, an IDispatch pointer. It contains a number of functions that make it easy to perform automation operations, and set and get properties. MS Windows only
wxBitmap wxGDIObject Represents a device-dependent bitmap, with optional wxMask for transparency
wxBitmapDataObject wxDataObject wxBitmapDataObject is a specialization of wxDataObject for bitmap data, for drag and drop and clipboard operations
wxBitmapButton wxButton Represents a bitmap button control
wxBitmapHandler wxObject Represents a file loading/saving capability that can be added to a wxBitmap to enhance it, without needing to change wxBitmap
wxBoxSizer wxSizer Sizer for laying out windows in rows and/or columns.
wxBrush wxGDIObject Represents a brush for drawing areas of colour
wxBufferedInputStream wxFilterInputStream Part of the wxWidgets stream system, this stream caches the bytes read from the specified input stream
wxBufferedOutputStream wxFilterOutputStream Part of the wxWidgets stream system, this stream caches the bytes to be written to the specified output stream
wxBusyCursor - Create an object of this class on the stack to show a busy cursor during the lifetime of the object
wxBusyInfo - This class makes it easy to tell your user that the program is temporarily busy. Just create a wxBusyInfo object on the stack, and within the current scope, a message window will be shown
wxButton wxControl Represents a text push button
wxCheckBox wxControl Represents a checkbox item with two states: checked and unchecked
wxCheckListBox wxListBox A checklistbox is like a listbox, but allows items to be checked or unchecked. Windows and GTK only
wxChoice wxControl Represents a list of choices that can be pulled down, with the selection showing permanently
wxClassInfo - Represents the run-time type information of a single class
wxClientDC wxDC Represents a device context for the client area of a window, that can be drawn into by an application outside of a paint event: can be used with any kind of window. See also wxPaintDC
wxClipboard wxObject Represents the clipboard
wxClipboardClient wxObject Represents a clipboard client
wxCloseEvent wxEvent Represents a window close event.
wxColour wxObject Represents an RGB colour
wxColourDatabase wxObject Allows the application to look up colours using standard names
wxColourDialog wxDialog Encapsulates the native colour dialog on Windows, and a generic colour dialog for other platforms
wxComboBox wxControl Like choice, wxComboBox allows selection of an item from a drop-down list, but also allows keyboard editing in the edit field
wxCommand wxObject Represents a command issued by the user to be processed by the application. Part of the Undo mechansim that can be used stand-alone or as part of the document/view framework
wxCommandEvent wxEvent Represents a command event, from a menu or panel item
wxCommandProcessor wxObject Processes wxCommand objects and implements the Undo mechanism. Can be used stand-alone or as part of the document/view framework
wxCondition - Condition class for code protection in multithreaded applications
wxConfigBase - wxConfigBase class defines the basic interface of all config classes (wxRegConfig, wxFileConfig, wxIniConfig)
wxControl wxWindow The base class for windows which usually accept input from the user
wxCriticalSection - Similar to the mutex, used in multithreaded applications
wxCursor wxBitmap Represents a small bitmap with transparency information used for displaying the mouse cursor
wxDatabase wxObject Represents an ODBC database
wxDataInputStream - This class provides functions that read binary data types in a portable way
wxDataObject wxObject A wxDataObject represents data that can be copied to or from the clipboard, or dragged and dropped
wxDataOutputStream - This class provides functions that write binary data types in a portable way
wxDate wxObject Represents a date
wxDC wxObject Base device context class
wxDDEClient wxDDEObject Represents the client side of an IPC application; works with wxDDEServer and wxDDEConnection. Uses DDE (Windows only)
wxDDEConnection wxObject Represents a connection in a dialogue between wxDDEClient and wxDDEServer. Uses DDE (Windows only)
wxDDEServer wxDDEObject Represents the server side of an IPC application (with wxDDEClient, wxDDEConnection). Uses DDE (Windows only)
wxDebugContext wxObject Performs various tracing and debuugging functions
wxDialog wxPanel Implements a modal or modeless dialog box
wxDirDialog wxDialog Implements a directory selector
wxDocManager wxObject Manages view, document and template classes
wxDocTemplate wxObject Models the relationship between a document class and a view class
wxDocument wxEvtHandler Represents a document in a document/view application
wxDropSource wxObject Represents a source for a drag and drop operation
wxDropTarget wxObject Represents a target for a drag and drop operation
wxEraseEvent wxEvent Represents the event sent to a window when its background needs to be repainted
wxEvent wxObject Base class for event classes
wxEvtHandler wxObject Base class for classes which handle events; instead of defining virtual event-handling functions, as with wxWidgets 1, it relies on event tables which do not require advance knowledge of derived classes' events
wxExpr - Represents a variant (may be renamed wxVariant!) which is used in a wxExprDatabase for reading/writing .wxr files and other structured ASCII files
wxExprDatabase wxList Used with wxExpr for reading/writing .wxr files and other structured ASCII files
wxFile - Implements raw file I/O
wxFileDialog wxDialog Implements the file selector dialog
wxFileDropTarget wxDropTarget A drop target which accepts files (dragged from File Manager or Explorer)
wxFileHistory wxObject Handles the file history, usually on the File menu of an application
wxFileInputStream wxInputStream This class represents data read in from a file
wxFileOutputStream wxOutputStream This class represents data written to a file
wxFileStream wxFileOutputStream, wxFileInputStream This class represents data written to and read from a file
wxFileSystem wxObject This class provides an interface for opening files on different file systems. It uses a system of handlers to provide access to user-defined virtual file systems
wxFileSystemHandler wxObject Classes derived from wxFileSystemHandler are used to access virtual file systems via wxFileSystem
wxFileType - This class holds information about a given file type. Used in conjunction with wxMimeTypesManager
wxFilterInputStream wxInputStream A filter stream has the capability of a normal stream but it can be placed on top of another stream
wxFilterOutputStream wxOutputStream A filter stream has the capability of a normal stream but it can be placed on top of another stream
wxFocusEvent wxEvent Represents the event sent to a window when focus is gained or lost
wxFont wxGDIObject Represents a font for use in windows and device contexts
wxFontDialog wxDialog Shows the Windows or generic font dialog
wxFrame wxWindow Represents a top-level window that can contain subwindows
wxGauge wxControl Represents a horizontal or vertical gauge control (read-only)
wxGDIObject wxObject Base class for wxPen, wxBrush etc.
wxGenericValidator wxValidator wxGenericValidator performs data transfer (but not validation or filtering) for a range of basic controls
wxGrid wxPanel Implements a grid window for displaying tabular information
wxGroupBox wxControl Draws a box around other controls, with optional label
wxHashTable wxObject Represents a look-up table
wxHelpControllerBase wxObject Base class for help controller implementations, such as wxWinHelpController
wxIcon wxBitmap Represents a small bitmap with transparency information, for use with windows and device contexts
wxIdleEvent wxEvent Represents the event sent to wxApp and windows in idle time
wxImageList wxObject Represents a list of images, whose indices can be assigned to elements of a wxListCtrl, wxTabCtrl or wxTreeCtrl
wxIndividualLayoutConstraint wxObject Represents a component of a wxLayoutConstraints object
wxInitDialogEvent wxEvent This event is sent to a dialog or panel to initialise its controls
wxJoystick wxObject Receives joystick events
wxKeyEvent wxEvent Represents a character event
wxLayoutConstraints wxObject Part of the constraint layout mechanism
wxList wxObject Represents a doubly-linked list
wxListBox wxControl A control showing a list of strings, with single or multiple selection
wxListCtrl wxControl A sophisticated control able to to display lists in several columns, or large icons, or small icons, or in a report view (some platforms may not support all functionality)
wxListEvent wxEvent Events specific to wxListCtrl
wxLog - Implements error logging functionality
wxMask wxObject Encapsulates a monochrome mask for use with wxBitmap
wxMDIChildFrame wxFrame Represents an Multiple Document Interface child frame (clipped to the client window inside the MDI parent frame)
wxMDIClientWindow wxWindow Manages MDI child frames; is itself a child of wxMDIParentFrame
wxMDIParentFrame wxFrame Parent frame for MDI client window and child frames
wxMemoryDC wxDC A device context that draws onto a bitmap
wxMenu wxEvtHandler A popup or pulldown menu
wxMenuEvent wxEvent Used for a variety of menu-related events (but not menu commands)
wxMenuItem wxObject Represents a single menu item or submenu
wxMenuBar wxEvtHandler A menubar, composed of wxMenus
wxMessageDialog wxDialog Shows a simple message with OK, Cancel, Yes, No buttons according to how it is invoked
wxMetaFile wxObject Represents a Windows metafile (Windows only)
wxMetaFileDC wxDC Represents a Windows metafile device context (Windows only)
wxMiniFrame wxFrame Implements a frame with miniature title bar, useful for floating palettes (not on all platforms)
wxModule wxObject A mechanism for allowing pieces of wxWidgets or application code to initialise and clean themselves up at the appropriate place in wxWidgets startup/shutdown
wxMouseEvent wxEvent Represents a mouse event, such as a left button click or mouse motion
wxMoveEvent wxEvent Represents a window move event
wxMsgCatalog - Implements a string translation mechanism for internationalisation
wxMultipleChoiceDialog wxDialog Implements a multiple choice dialog (not yet implemented)
wxMutex - Mutex class for code protection in multithreaded applications
wxNode wxObject Represents a node in a wxList
wxNotebook wxControl Manages windows that can be shown and hidden using tabs (a.k.a. tabbed dialog, property sheet).
wxObject - The base class for most wxWidgets classes; implements debug versions of new and delete
wxPageSetupDialog wxDialog Represents the page setup dialog (native Windows or generic wxWidgets)
wxPaintDC wxDC Represents a device context that can be drawn into by an application within a paint event: can be used with any kind of window
wxPaintEvent wxEvent Represents a paint event
wxPalette wxGDIObject Represents a palette for a bitmap, device context or window (was known as wxColourMap)
wxPanel wxWindow A panel is a window that can host controls. In fact any window can, but it adapts its colour and tab traversal to dialog-style conventions
wxPathList wxList Maintains a searchable list of paths for an application's file handling
wxPen wxGDIObject Sets the line style and colour for outlines of shapes drawn into a device context
wxPoint wxObject Represents a point using integer coordinates (wxWidgets 1 used floating point coordinates)
wxPostScriptDC wxDC Allows an application to create PostScript files by drawing into a device context
wxPrintDialog wxDialog Implements a Windows or PostScript print dialog
wxPrinter wxObject Represents the printer when printing pages
wxPrinterDC wxDC Represents a Windows printer device context (Windows only)
wxPrintout wxObject Models an application's printout capabilities
wxPrintPreview wxObject Models an application's print preview capabilities
wxRadioBox wxControl Implements an array of radio buttons surrounded by a group box
wxRadioButton wxControl Implements a checked/unchecked radio button
wxRealPoint wxObject Represents an x-y point, using doubles
wxRecordSet wxObject Represents a record retrieved from an ODBC database
wxRect wxObject Represents a rectangle
wxRegion wxObject Represents a rectangular or irregularly shaped region for use with device contexts
wxScreenDC wxDC Allows the application to draw into the desktop area
wxScrollBar wxControl Implements a scrollbar control
wxScrollEvent wxEvent Represents a scroll event
wxScrolledWindow wxWindow Represents a window with optional scrollbars; implements a default scrolling behaviour. The equivalent of the old wxCanvas class
wxSingleChoiceDialog wxDialog Shows a dialog with a listbox, for a single user selection
wxSize wxObject Represents a size (with two values)
wxSizeEvent wxEvent Represents a window resize event
wxSlider wxControl Implements a slider control
wxSpinButton wxControl Implements a spin button, or up-down control: usually found next to a small text control
wxSplitterWindow wxWindow Maintains one or two windows, with a moving sash between them. Can be horizontal or vertical
wxStaticBitmap wxControl A static (read-only) bitmap control
wxStaticBox wxControl A control used for visually grouping other controls (used to be wxGroupBox)1
wxStaticText wxControl A single or multi-line static text control
wxStatusBar wxWindow A status bar that normally appears at the bottom of the frame; available in generic wxWidgets or native Windows 95 variants
wxString wxObject A string class (no longer uses GNU code)
wxStringList wxList Represents a list of strings
wxSysColourChangedEvent wxEvent Sent to windows when the user has changed global system colours
wxSystemSettings wxObject Allows the application to query a number of system parameters, such as global colours, fonts and various metrics
wxTabCtrl wxControl Implements a set of tabs, which can be used in an application to show different windows when tabs are selected, for example
wxTaskBarIcon wxObject Allows programming of a system tray, or taskbar, icon as in Windows 95; if a similar feature is implemented in GNOME, it will probably be added to wxGTK
wxTextCtrl wxControl Implements a single-line or multi-line text entry control. Replaces the old wxText, wxTextWindow and wxMultiText classes
wxTextEntryDialog wxDialog Shows a dialog with a single-line text entry field, and OK, Cancel buttons
wxTextValidator wxValidator Allows validation of text controls - the application can define input filters
wxThread - Thread class for implementing multi-threaded applications
wxTime wxObject A class for representing time
wxTimer wxObject Represents a timer object, for notification after a time interval
wxToolBar (Varies with platform) The name for the toolbar most appropriate to this platform; derives from the appropriate class, such as wxToolBar95
wxToolBar95 wxToolBarBase A version of toolbar that uses the native Windows 95 toolbar under Windows 95 and NT. The default wxToolBar on these platforms
wxToolBarBase wxObject Base class for toolbar classes
wxToolBarMSW wxToolBarBase 3D-effect toolbar implementation using Windows primitives for Windows 3.1 applications. The default toolbar for 16-bit Windows
wxToolBarSimple wxToolBarBase Implements a simple toolbar (using wxWidgets primitives)
wxTreeCtrl wxControl Implements a native Windows 95 or generic folding tree control, with labels and icons
wxTreeEvent wxEvent Events specific to wxTreeCtrl
wxUpdateUIEvent wxEvent Allows the programmer to handle user interface updating (menu item enabling etc.) in a declarative fashion, by defining handlers for wxUpdateUIEvent for a command, and setting the UI element according to the current state of the application. These events are generated by wxWidgets in idle time
wxValidator wxObject The base class for validators, a mechanism whereby each control is associated with an optional validator that receives (and perhaps filters) events before other event handling is done. It also defines functions for checking validity when a dialog closes, and for passing values between C++ variables and controls, thus simplifying dialog programming
wxView wxEvtHandler Represents a view onto a document (part of the document/view framework)
wxWave wxObject Loads, stores and plays back short sounds; Windows only at present but code exists for implementation on Unix (wxMMedia)
wxWindow wxEvtHandler The base class for other window classes
wxWindowDC wxDC Represents a device context for the whole area of a window (including decorations), that can be drawn into by an application outside of a paint event: can be used with any kind of window. See also wxPaintDC, wxClientDC
wxWinHelpController wxHelpControllerBase Controls WinHelp instances (Windows only)

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