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Getting Started

'Hello world' in wxWidgets: A Very Short Tutorial
A tiny tutorial with code, by Robert Roebling.
How to learn wxWidgets programming
A personal view of how to learn a GUI framework, by Edward Ream.
What Do These Sizer Things Do?
One of the most intimidating parts of wxWidgets is figuring out how sizers work. They are quite powerful, but sometimes unintuitive. This is intended as a guide to aid in understanding what all those parameters do. By Brian Victor.
Intermediate wxWidgets Tutorial
A more in-depth tutorial covering menus, toolbars, layout, events, standard and custom dialogs, common and custom controls, drag & drop, and drawing with device contexts, written by Jan Bodnar.

IDE Setup/Configuration

Using Dev-C++ with wxWidgets
How to use the Dev-C++ IDE with wxWidgets.
Programming C++ GUIs with the wxWidgets Library, by Jeff Cogswell
The open source wxWidgets library makes programming GUIs incredibly easy, far easier than with most platform APIs. Jeff Cogswell shows how this handy C++ library can shorten your programming time with powerful classes that are simple to use.
Intellisense and wxWidgets
How to get MS Visual Studio Intellisense working with wxWidgets.
Using the VC++ IDE to compile wxWidgets applications


How to Submit Patches
A description of how to submit patches via SourceForge.
Adding wxWidgets class documentation
This note is aimed at people wishing to add documentation for a class to either the main wxWidgets manual, or to their own manual, and describes the use of Tex2RTF.

wxWidgets and Others

Using wxWidgets with OpenCV
Shows how to write a simple application displaying the video stream from a camera obtained using OpenCV in a wxWindow.


Writing on-line help
Options available when writing online help for wxWidgets applications. See also the next technical note.
Cross-compiling Windows applications on Linux
Phil Blecker has contributed these notes for creating a cross-compiler that is capable of producing DOS/Windows binaries from a Linux host.
Using OpenGL with wxWidgets
Using OpenGL or Mesa and wxWidgets, using the wxGLCanvas class bundled with wxWidgets.
Writing installers for your application
Some ways to distribute your wxWidgets application in a friendly way.
How to use Windows .rc resource files to store wxWidgets .wxr files
Using wxLoadUserResource to load WXR files from an application's resources.
wxWidgets and Active Accessibility
The current status of accessibility support in wxWidgets.
Building accessible wxWidgets apps
An article contributed by AOL describing how to build accessible wxWidgets applications.
wxWidgets mnemonic FAQ
An article contributed by AOL describing mnemonics (for executing commands via the keyboard).

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